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List Picker Drop Down Content is not visible in Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1


<toolkit:ListPicker x:Name="ListPicker" IsEnabled="True"  SelectedIndex="0" SelectionChanged="ListPicker_SelectionChanged" >
                    <toolkit:ListPickerItem x:Name="Item1" Content="Item 1"  />
                    <toolkit:ListPickerItem x:Name="Item2" Content="Item 2"  />
                    <toolkit:ListPickerItem x:Name="Item3" Content="Item 3"  />
                    <toolkit:ListPickerItem x:Name="Item4" Content="Item 4" />
Case 1: When the above code run, a list of items is shown in ListPicker when Tapped.

Case 2: When "Narrator" is on, if the same code is run, when i am swiping List Picker Item 1 which is its Selected Item, list is not expanded and Item 2 is not visible.Just a yellow box is visible without any content in it.

Expected Behaviour: ListPicker should display all items and expand while Tapped.

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